The Michaels Organization Announces New Corporate Branding

The Michaels Organization new visual identity

Change emphasizes the impact of Michaels' expertise in residential development, management, finance and construction and introduces new visual identity.

​The Michaels Organization, a national leader in residential real estate, has been creating a legacy for more than four decades that can be summed up in one powerful phrase: "The World Is a Better Place to Live Wherever We Build and Manage It.” 

Now, we are introducing a refreshed and re-imagined brand identity that better reflects our integrated capabilities in development, management, finance and construction while reaffirming our commitment to crafting development solutions that transform communities and uplift lives. 

“Creating communities that lift lives is a big promise, one that demands doing the extraordinary every day, but that is the commitment we make to our residents, our partners and the communities where we work," said John J. O’Donnell, Michaels’ chief executive officer. 

As part of the new branding initiative, the six operating companies that comprise The Michaels Organization -- Michaels Development Company; Interstate Realty Management Company; Michaels Management Services; University Student Living; Continental Mortgage Corp; and Prestige Building Company -- will all do business under the Michaels’ name brand.  

“We believe that simplifying our organizational naming structure while focusing on our areas of expertise will make it easier for our residents, joint venture partners, investors and other housing decision-makers to understand who we are and what we do,” said Michaels’ Chief Operating Officer Mark Morgan, who spearheaded the new branding strategy. “We want our branding to reflect both our collective mission and our aspirations,” said Morgan. “We’re not changing who we are, just how we tell our story.”  

New Visual Identity  
As part of the refreshed brand, The Michaels Organization has adopted a new visual identity along with the new tagline Communities That Lift Lives. The new logo features simply the name “Michaels,” honoring our visionary founder and chairman, Michael J. Levitt. The bird’s origami design represents our ability to  “handcraft” comprehensive development solutions.

Shown in mid-flight, the bird also symbolizes our uplifting spirit and serves as a reminder that we are constantly striving toward a better future for our residents, the communities where they live, our partners and our team.  Communities That Lift Lives conveys our collective mission to go beyond sticks and bricks, investing not only in housing but in people, living and learning.  

A Promise to Lift Lives 
At Michaels, we share the vision that our communities can be a beautiful place to call home, as well as a launching pad for people to move to the next level of their lives. We have bestowed more than $7 million in college scholarships to our residents through our educational foundation. We offer community connections programs at our military and market-rate communities and support resident-life programs for our student housing residents. And, our partnership with the non-profit organization Better Tomorrows provides programs at more than 100 of our affordable housing communities, offering a range of services focused on educational success, health and wellbeing, financial literacy and community empowerment.  

“They say ‘home is where your story begins' and Michaels has been privileged to be where thousands of stories begin,” said O’Donnell. “We look forward to the future, excited to build on our legacy of making the world a better place to live wherever we build and manage it.” 

With the new corporate branding, Michaels has launched a new corporate website as well as a comprehensive search page for all our apartment properties, which include affordable, military, student and luxury living communities. 

About The Michaels Organization: Michaels is a national leader in residential real estate offering full-service capabilities in development, property management, construction and finance. Serving 145,000 residents in more than 400 communities nationwide, Michaels is committed to crafting housing solutions that jumpstart education, civic engagement and neighborhood prosperity and to creating Communities That Lift Lives. Please visit for corporate information; visit to find a new apartment home. 

Source: The Michaels Organization


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